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Lemmings Away
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Saturday, January 31st, 2015
12:47 pm
My Year of Hats
I'm Back.

Suffice it to say, I have a lot of yarn. A couple of years ago I reduced the amount by about half through donations, etc. Recently, I had a destash sale. I have tried to maintain a yarn fast, but I still needed specific colors for some projects. And with the void created, people have gven me yarn. But still ......

So, I have dubbed 2015 "My Year of Hats." I have a list of hats I wish to knit. Hats are a useful and portable project. I prefer using two circulars, instead of DPNs. As I can, I will post the pics and pattern of completed projects.

So far, I have completed a tam and a horizontal cable hat. I have to retrieve those for pics.

For some of the hats, I am using a generic pattern told to me by my yarn goddess friend, Chris. Here 'tis:

Generic Hat formula:

Measuring tape
Math skills
Needles suitable for yarn being used
Stitch Markers

Measure head circumference.
Subract one inch. (ex.: head measures 22", Subract 1". Result 21")
Multiply result number by gauge. (ex.: Gauge is 4 stitches per inch. 21" times 4 sts equals 84.)
Subtract 10% to get your cast on number. (ex.: 10% of 84 is 8.4. 84 minus 8 equals 76.)
Adjust numbe to cast on to be a multiple of 2 or 4. (76 is divisble by 2 and 4. No adjustment needed.)
Cast on your number of sts. (76 sts in this scenario.)
Knit brim for 1 to 1-1/2 inches. (I use a K2 X P2 ribbing.)
Increase stitch number by 10% to get the original number of stitches. (I increased using M1 method every 10 stitches.)
Count to assure you have the correct number of stitches.
Knit in stockingette for 5 to 51/4"
Divide into 4 or 6 sections for decrease. Use stitch markers as needed.
   K1, K2tog, K to last three stitches, SSk, K1.
   K around.
Repeat these two rows until you have 12 or 8 sts remaining (depending on how many sections you divided the hat into).
Thread yarn through remaining stitches.
Weave in ends.

I am using ths base hat for my next few projects.
Monday, October 19th, 2009
9:05 pm
Long time no blog. Ten weeks according to LJ.

Nothing exciting going on that someone else can't blog about.

I am schlepping Halloween stuff for 2-1/2 more weeks. Fifty percent off sale starting Nov. 1.

Yeah, like I said, nothing real exciting.
Wednesday, August 5th, 2009
2:42 pm
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
I think every book should receive this sort of treatment.

It is freakin' (yes, I would use the real word) HILARIOUS! I recommend it to everyone.

And I am just in Chapter 12.
2:39 pm

Maybe I should have thought about it when I made the plans, but spending 6 hours in an airport will never become a favored destination.

Hotel check out was at noon. I was able to get a reprieve to noon-thirty, big deal. So I checked out early. Just to keep ‘em off balance. I also saw there was an earlier flight, so I took a shot. I really didn’t want to drive aimlessly around, so I gassed up and went to the airport. 

I discovered I wasn’t crazy when I tried to get out of the airport on arrival. The car rental section is to the south. I drove and drove. Checked the car in and made it to the terminal.

I tried the agent. No luck. The flight was overbooked anyway. I hunkered down a few counters away and started knitting. Some kids saying good bye to their dad were playing around, seeing who could fit in suitcase using one of those “Can you check or carry that hernia in the making?” stands. 

Delta was calling names to check in baggage. Don’t know what that was about but there were sure a lot of people being borderline cranky. A volunteer lady chatted with me for a while. She asked about my knitting. We talked about books. I told her about a book I had heard about Sunday. She told me about several series she had read. I asked her if I would be able to take my salad dressing on the plane. Nope. Oh well, I could pre-dress my big salad and eat it waiting for the plane.

After a while, the distilled water I was trying to pound, caught my attention. Then I set up shop near a baggage claim and ate my salad with chopsticks – look, Ma, no forks to worry the already bored/tense TSA guys.

I checked in after 2:30, waited a while in the security check in, got through, then said good-bye to Lucy and her girls on the phone.

Walking around the concourse, I passed my favorite airport book store. (I know, I know, I already have several books stashed in my checked laggage – no wait, buggage. Hey, at $15 a bag now, buggage isn’t too far off the mark.) I walked around thinking the same thing. And then I saw it. THE book for all time:

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

The opening sentence is as follows:

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.”

I didn’t even go for the “buy three get a bag” deal. I knew this was the book for me.

With my chocolate and book in hand I went to the Mexican restaurant, toasted Skippy with some really good tequila (Agavero) and ate some very nice Mexican crab cakes. Pilot House at SeaTac could take some lessons from this place. Ample space, good beverages, and food that doesn’t seem to come out of a bag. 

I find it interesting that airports announce constantly to everyone to please keep your buggage with you at all times and yet the bathroom stalls are still for the unencumbered.

More caveats: They may say they have wi-fi, but they cleverly don’t tell you it’s $8 a day. There are few outlets (but a guy in Seattle wrote into the newspaper about how he brings a surge protector to allow more than two people to plug in).  

I’ll paste this one in when I get home.

Monday, August 3rd, 2009
5:04 pm
The Rest of the Trip (probably longer)
Sunday - Parker Family day. I met MH and Jim at Dad's house. On the way I saw that B&N was having a 50% off clearance sale. Made a mental note and went on.

Dad is as well as can be expected for an 87yo man. With his bypass surgery, his heart won't poop out any time soon. His body, otherwise, is showing signs of wear. His ratio of lucid to non-lucid times is shifting the other side. I found out he may have cataract surgery soon.

We went over to Caro's for lunch. Seems Dad sends his attendants there quite frequently, too. I still LOVE the tostados, the puffy everything they serve.

Note to John Day (which I'll post to his FB page): I bought a jar of the Puffy Taco Daddy's Salsa Verde. It had better not suck!

Back to Dad's to drop him off. Jim was pulling in front of my rental car (I get paranoid enough at this point), but Jim was pulling in front of it. He was showing off the fancy rear view camera the van has. He pulled within a hair's breadth to my front bumper. I had to put my head between my knees to recover from that!

Lucy and her girls met us over at B&N for The Sale. The Girl had asked for a souvenir from Texas, so what will I bring her? Fifty Percent off Clearance priced Dragonfly embellishments. The boys will get a new Star Wars books. I also picked up a Tennyson's Story of Arthur. I haven't read Le Morte d'Artur, so why not?

Shirlee had to drag me away from the clearance tables. But there some over there we haven't see. Come on, Aunt Susy. She took a most imperious tone with me.

A note to MH: I really love you. You are able to tell someone to "go to hell" in such a way that they're willing to buy a Longabarger basket to ride in.

The story: I had picked up a knitting kit from one of the tables. It rung up, however, as full price. The cashier explained that it must not be on sale. I reassured her it came from one of the tables. (I am not one to lie to get a deal. I would have put it back.) But MH says ever so sweetly over my shoulder, "Would you like us to bring the others ones up so that you won't have to deal with the issue with someone else?"

I got my discount.

Then we headed over to visit Reba Jo, Dad's girlfriend. Hm, when you get past the three-quarter century mark, does boy/girl really apply? Anyway, RJ is 90+ and she is a rock. Yeah, she says "yeah" a lot, but she is still quite lucid. We had a lovely visit, lemonade and ice cream for the girls and photo opportunities for all.

MH and Jim headed back to Austin. Lucy, the girls and I went to a movie (G-Force) and Starbuck's. (I introduced Shirlee to my infamous crackly wrist bump. She climbed up on my chair arm and went to town.) I was glad I only paid $7 to have a nice chair to fall asleep in. It had nothing to do with the quality of movie, I just crashed. Thankfully, I didn't snore. My cell phone went off and that woke me up.

We met up with Eugene to hear him play with his brother, Rick, at the Italian Inn. It was lovely to see his sister Lillian and her husband.

What stikes me as so important and is probably a big ol' DUH for everyone else is the familiarity and permanent level of intimacy family friends have. I haven't seen these folks (or John Day for that matter) for some years. But their generosity of heart is constant. I was able to ask Lillian about things and she was so open and sharing. To have that sort of a connection that hasn't been severed by time is amazing and I treasure it.

Of course, we had a great time. So much conversation and comeraderie. Tink and her family showed up as did Brian and his friend, MLS and her friend. I even met some of Rick's family. The music was good and full of humor. The food was great, but next time I won't have pasta (at an Italian restaurant, Susy?)

So today I lunched with Donna Shriner Kruse. She is another one with whom I share history, but remain connected. Sure we have a few years to cover in conversation, but the intimacy remains.

I tried to spend money at the yarn shop - closed on Monday. I tried to take in some "culcha" at the Kimball - clossed on Monday. I walked the grounds a little. Saw two guys being all athletic. One of them did the Donald O'Conner run up the wall and flip over bit. I commented, "Very nice, but then it's always nice when you don't crack your head open." As a side note, seeing that move up close - whoa, it is amazing.

Drove home, stopped by the Sunflower Shoppe and bought probably more food than I would want to carry home, but I really don't want to go out to dinner or lunch. And now it seems I will be at the airport for longer than I want because the hotel won't let me check out any later.

I have learned that I am best when I am myself. It's the other guy's choice to grok it or not.

Now I gotta down a gallon of water so I don't have to leave it here.
4:35 pm
The Party's Over (Long)
For now....

Welp, here's the rest of The Story.

Saturday - I had all sorts of plans to go to FW before The Event, but nah. Met BB and PG at the hotel for a warm-up beverage. We talk more and more and more. We drove over to The Event. Peg and I discover we didn't have name tags. Apparently, we didn't rsvp at the correct site. So we made our own. I, for one am pretty proud of my senior picture rendering. It looked surprising accurate, or as accurate as one can be with a fat Sharpie in hand. Curt V and I traded tags for a while. The group is still sharp. No one was fooled. I reclaimed my tag after a while. Mine was cuter than his.

A big chunk of the class showed up. Those at the Happy Hour agreed that they felt more comfortable with the lead-in.

It did seem to me that the dynamics of high school had remained. I made a big effort to bash those dynamics. Yes, I was really loud and obnoxious. I talked to guys who looked through me in HS. Some still looked through me, some just looked surprised.

I reconnected with the Girls. What a relief to know we could still stand together, crack wise and laugh louder than ever. (And JFK still slept with MM and Angie Dickinson, Anna Marie.)

The food was ok, but we were all so busy telling our 30 yr stories that the food never really had a chance to be exceptional. The drinks were there. I fronted Tinky bucks a few times to keep her in beer.

A stack of surveys was at every table. Typical reunion questions: who's been married longest/most, children - most/grand/otherwise, most/least changed. Frankly, I had so much fun filling mine out, but I think my answer to "least changed" (my underwear) kinda put off the crowd. Oh well. It's not like I was offering to prove it.

We went out aftewards. I must say this for FW, it doesn't shut down near as early as Everett. Everett pulls in the sidewalks around 9pm. FW was open till about 2. This little puppy, though, was really worn out. Sitting in the lobby of a hotel, hanging out with Tinky, Lisa, Eugene, Brian, Peg and Ann was fun. But yeah, I was quite worn out.

Finally made it home and slept in.

What have I learned? I figured out that whatever hurts, perceived or otherwise, in the past or present, can be released. I am who I am and I am happy with who I am. Some people get it, some don't, some never will. But you can always ask me.
Saturday, August 1st, 2009
12:16 am
Happy Hour
All angst bets are off! I had a great time, therefore, wearing the bra was worth it.

I was able to use the hotel printer for the directions. Yay! Because I knew that writing all that down would have caused more trauma than I needed.

I forgot that downtown FW is all one way streets. And wouldn't you know that the one street I decide to head down the wrong way was blocked by a traffic control officer. He took one look at my bluetooth in my ear and told me to get off the phone and pay attention. I yanked it outta my ear and said, "I'm not on the phone." It probably wouldn't have helped to say, "I am not from here anymore and still don't understand the one-way street thing. I am finally adjusting to the PacNW screwed up street naming system with NE, NW, SE and SW with breaks in the streets for blocks and that Avenue means the street goes one way, Street means another way and Place means you are fucked!" Nah, I knew that would not be a good blurt.

Anyway, I found the hotel, still had to walk around to find the bar and was ready for my entrance blurt of "Sweet Mother of God!" to Peg and Brian. We performed our obligatory scream jump holler and hug dance - much to the chagrin of the older and younger couples in the room. I also refrained from blurting at Peg that I couldn't stand next to her because she looked so good and made me feel short, fat and old. (Wait a minute, I AM short, fat and old. Nahhhhhh.) Peg was gracious, bought me a dirty vodka martini. They were both gracious and allowed me to practice my "the last 30 years of my life" with full accompaniment and choreography.

Then, it started to rain and the roof dripped on them. It wasn't until the ceiling dripped on me when I said it was time to blow the popsicle stand. Peg apparently believes that running in the rain is preferable to getting wet. Being from Seattle, I am ok with wet. It was while she was running that I hollered she was skinny enough to dodge the raindrops. She told me to shut up. Gawd, I love that woman.

We got to the bar, made our way to the back. Some people I knew right off. Some tested me - neener neener, Scott. And some saw through my feigned recognition and introduced themselves. Yes, Sharon told me who she was and I almost knocked her back onto her couch, with an unbelieving, "No shit!" (Yes, sports fans, I was at my non-G-rated best.)

Seeing these folks was a treat. The familiarity was there, but there was also that sense of "we're not in high school, so screw the angst. Let's catch up."

Peg and I had a great time dancing to Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline. Kristy K will call me out for a dance out. The women have that marvelous mature (not the same as old, dammit) beauty. And the guys continue to look at us with that resigned, "Yes, we know they're goofy."  We seem to be comfortable with ourselves. This easing into the situation has made it so much easier.

I made it home all right. Spoke to Himself ("You married a freshman?!") who played open mike at The Grove.

I'll wear the bra tomorrow night, too. Boy, you guys are so lucky....

Friday, July 31st, 2009
4:44 pm

I just got back from a five-hour lunch with my collge roomie, BB. She has remained the fabulous woman I remember her being.

I got up at 9:31, having just missed teh complimentary hot breakfast by ONE MINUTE. OK, the caps are not needed as I made no effort whatsoever to make it downstairs to even plead a case.

I made a pot of coffee. I haven't made coffee in 5 months, so I didn't think to check to see if the basket was in right. "Humph, Lucy made a pot last night just fine. Did she mess my coffee pot up?" (Yes, do take note that I blamed her and did not even think to blame myself.)

So after the coffee packet had steeped for a while and I had had a cup, I maneuvered the non-dripping basket to the sink to pour the rest of the pot into my cup and THEN took the time to see that it was in fact operator error. (You will also note that I did not call my sister to flip her shit about messing up my pot, thankyouverymuch.)

Soy milk in the coffee, futzing around on the 'puter, chatting with rediscovered fabulous friend, Brian, my family (the Girl called to ask why I hadn't called her yet), chomped on some Rainier cherries. Played om yearbookyourself.com (thanks, Jay, for this HIGH-larious revelation).

Noon time comes around. i wait for about 30 seconds in front of the hotel for BB. Then, throwing all trust into the wind, I panic, thinking I gave her the wrong hotel name. I race back to my room, thinking I had no way of comtacting her to correct my mistake. I resign myself to having lunch in my room. (Smoked salmon and salad - yeah, I traveled all the way to Texas from the Land of Salmon to have some fish. Feh.)

Then the front desk called to say a BIrd Woman would like to speak to me. "I'll be right down."

The lunch that lasted five hours was wonderful. Thai food - the tilipia was wonderful - conversation, meeting family (her boys are almost the same age as mine and cool), seeing the house and exploring her beads. (caveat to Himself: BB gives me any lessons on this stuff, we are on trouble.) We dropped her kids off at tutoring (TX as a WASL thing and yes, they teach to the test too here) and stopped off at one of her friend's restaurants and had a glass of wine.

Again, the conversation was wonderful. To reconnect with someone is a blessing and joy. The moment of realization that you have met this person and they are still that kindred spirit you knew before is a delight and relief.

Now, to travel to Where the West Begins.

I hope it doesn't cause to me blurt (No, I don't speak, I blurt - it's way more fun) "And I put on a bra for you people?!"
Thursday, July 30th, 2009
8:19 pm
Day 1
I am here, next door to the all-night FedEx Depot. Actually it's not too bad. The room is bigger than I thought. It has a kitchen too. No silverware, plates or cookware, but a fridge is good.

The day started early. We were up at 6. Got out of the house by 6:30 and over to Totem for breakfast with the family. We got cash, ice and gas a little further down. We got Kabloey to his baseball thing early. Then on to the airport.

It was fine. Checked my luggage, found a T-shirt for PST Megan, knitted, got some food from the McUwajimia, got in the first class line.

First class is expensive, yes, but everything comes with it. I got all, "No, I really don't need that." Then realized, I already paid for it. So I went for it. Got the water (which was left by me as I took a nap), DigEplayer, three glasses - yes *glasses* of wine, hot lunch and seasoned nuts. I didn't want the lemonade, though.

I figured three glasses of wine was enough, when I went looking for the lavatory, had to ask directions and almost had to have help to find the door handle! Then I had a headache.

The people in first class have more room to sit. I had to peek over at my neighbor to see where the tray was. It's not a pull down and slam back up version like in coach. It's all secret spy - you pull it out of the arm rest!

Folks are not as chmatty, but then in coach I have my family with me. Actually I said two things to the guy in my row: "Um, that would be my seat" and "Excuse me" (just before I got lost looking for the lav.)

Baggage claim was fine. Getting the rent cal was fine. There were two guys who came in wanting to trade cars. They liked the other's color better. And the first guy said, "Sure, you can have my car. Ignore the dead body in the trunk, though." That set off some laughter. Then, when I received my keys, I confirmed with the car lady, "I did not get the dead body in the trunk upgrade, right?

Getting out of the airport was a challenge. Even with my spiffy gmap. I finally made it out and then drove around looking for my hotel's front door.

My sister, Lucy, was waiting for me inside. We discovered the room, missed happy hour, went on a grocery expedition to Whole Foods. I was good and didn't stock up like I normally would have. I may even have to grab food in a restaurant Tuesday or eat salad for breakfast.

We were so hungry when we got back to the room. I know socially, good conversation at dinner is lovely, but I let Lucy carry that job. I pounded my shrimp spring rolls, spooned out the peanut sauce, sate the edamame and seaweed salad (well, the seaweed salad had a little too much of the sea in it for me), had dessert, ate some chili and lime chips. I think I am done eating for now.

I haven't been able to make gmail work yet, so if anyone needs to get a hold of me, try FB.

So, tomorrow, I have lunch with Bethel and happy hour with Brian and Peggy.

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
5:57 pm
Off on an Adventure
So no Texas for baseball, but I did agree to Texas for a 30yr high school reunion. MY 30-yr hs reunion.

Many complex feelings going on. But thanks to Brian, I'll just be charming.

But I do hope I don't walk in and blurt, "Who are all these old people?"

Friday, July 10th, 2009
5:40 pm
Oh What to Do?
Go first class!

The smashing baseball team was slated to go to the Lone Star State next week for a 10-day tournament. It surprised us newbies, but we bucked up got plane, hotel and car ducks all lined up.

Then, management threw a $225 per family you-owe-us last week, the ball fields don't allow outside food or drink and it's high freakin' summer in LSS. Oh, and the $25 gate pass. And hoping to fit in as many family and friends visits as possible. And it's high Freakin' summer!

Much time was spent on email with the different personalities speaking out. The Rooster, Bandwagon-er, Cut Bait or Fish, Pleaser, Whatevers, etc. But no one, including me, would step up to just say anything definititve.

We couldn't even vote LSS off the island. It was a hung jury/tie vote/pick your favorite no decision phrase.

Today was the drop dead deadline to decide if we were going. Coach talked to us, we muttered among ourselves and the flurry of emails.

It was finally decided to not go. BamBam is not too terribly torn up. He did want to see some family. Oh, the girls would have been outta of town, now that I think on it.

What do I do?

I rescheduled my ticket for a week later to go to my 30 year high school reunion. I am not going coach, I am taking that money we would have saved and am blowing it on traveling first class. I am hoping to not have much on the way of food expenditures by lining up a bunch of lunch and dinner dates. But where to stay?

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
1:03 am
Ego Booster

Yesterday, or rather Sunday, a friend put it to me this way:

You are so out of the box that if they made a doll of you, there would be the doll and the box right next to it.

I like that idea.


Wednesday, June 17th, 2009
3:42 pm
Now I Know Who Doesn't Have a Brain
Credit Card people!

Sure, that's a big "duh!" for many of you. But I am still appallingly amazed at how slick they think they are. And even more appalled at people who truly sucker into their tripe.

I think the worst offender in my time has been Discover Card. I was canceling my card and the guy on the phone, yes, per his orders, tried very hard to put me off and not cancel. He even went so far as to tell me to "go to my happy place." My response, "My happy place includes having this card canceled!"

Today, another credit card zombie tried to sell me their "we'll pay your bills if something happens" thing. I told him to save his postage. He said the trees had already been cut and they are ready to send. No, thank you, keep it. You haven't heard about all the benefits we can offer you. No, thank YOU! Let me be frank, unemployment - 

I didn't even let him finish his fear-mongering sentence. I lit into to him about how he was asking me to use money that I could be using to pay off my debt to his company on the off chance that we might tank. I reminded him that it was the fourth time I was saying no.

Finally, he got it, gave me the 800 number and went away.

I don't live in a place of fear. Some would say I don't live in reality either. But why would I send my money to the company to do something they probably wouldn't do anyway.

Bankruptcy is a viable option too, yeah?

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009
10:51 pm
Do Fundies Have Brains?
I have recently met a nice woman at SVEC who is into sustainable living. She saw my healing goddess necklace and said, "We may have more in common than I thought."

Anyway, she's nice and has had her share of encounters with the fundies at SVEC. One once said no one should play Guitar hero because it was about the "Devil's music."  (I didn't even know he was in a band.) Her son said that it wasn't an issue for him because they don't believe in the devil. The fundies moved their seats a little away.

Another time, her son was pinged for saying "heck" with the explanation that it was a cuss word for hell. Whatever. He (I am loving this kid) said that it wasn't about hell and he didn't belive in hell anyway.

She has put up posters for Peace Village www.peacevillageinc.org/ that have been removed. She offered a teenager looking for summer work a job. His parent within him when they saw "how she was."


Check out her website www.songcroft.com/ and see "how she is."

Sunday, June 14th, 2009
3:53 pm
Heaven's theatre is fuller after this past week. Three compadres from Dallas exited stage left last week.

Spencer Prokop died after a 2-1/2 year journey with cancer. Dick Roberts, best beloved of Jane Goodman, succumbed to a massive stroke. And the darling Steve Lovett, imp and playwright, "saw the light" and went home after a quadruple bypass, coma, resurrection thanks to show tunes.

I met with the the Moms who Meet on Saturday. Strato-Girl, Aust-entacious, Wheeler Woman and two newbies were there in attendance also at the Azteca.

Eyebrows were raised and lips frowned when I announced that I was sending off these three friends. There was even a generous offer of holding my keys. No need when the Baron Samedi is around.

Loading up on chips and salsa, I toasted Spencer as a man who earned the respect of the theatre. One Patron down.

Halfway through the tacos al carbon, I toasted Dick with a story of how he hurt his head. Seems he was "in a mood," and was jumping on his bed. He shouted, "You Jane. Me Tarzan!" when the ceiling fan caught him in the forehead. Ah, love.

After the taco al carbon, the final toast went to Steve Lovett, playwright, imp and big heart. His plays will be produced at Himself's theatre. How can one resist "Babes in Outer Space," "Attack of the Zombie Moon Maids" and "Atomic Cavegirls from Island Zero." A generous heart who shared his all with us.

And I got the good tequila for you guys. You had better appreciate it.

Monday, June 1st, 2009
10:55 pm
It Ain't What It Used to Be
Here lie/lay/whatever the remains of our ONLY year of experience with an extracurricular club. Yes, Camp Fire Boys and Girls.

<<Snorting, wiping feet back bull style>> Get ready for the rant ----

First off, when I was a kid it was Camp Fire GIRLS! That's it. Girls. You were a Bluebird, then moved up to Camp Fire at the various levels. I forget what they were, but there was much giggling at the "faggot tender" level.

Now it's Camp Fire Boys and Girls. I don't have a problem with allowing boys in. No, not at all. But why should "boys" be first in the title when it started out with girls? And don't give me that "it's in alphabetical order" bs. There's only two options there.

This year, I signed Sparky and The Girl up to give them something to do on Mondays while BamBam was in his Digiprep class. The activities overlapped, we could still get home by four. That sort of thing.


Our leader is as a leader should be: enthusiastic, motivated and full of ideas. But she has so many ideas that she could seldom manifest all of them in the hour allotted to meetings.  And her daughters spent a lot of time whining and throwing tantrums.

I could see there were time when Leader was getting frustrated too. And I did help out. But it wasn't always easy when someone is moaning about how much she hates apples and another is standing on a chair after you have asked them to sit or kneel, then the chair slides out from underneath the kid and she throws a screaming kicking tantrum about getting hurt and the next child is saying how she is allergic to almost everything on the planet and then your child starts in with his incomprehensible jokes and then everyone gets distracted from the project at hand which frankly doesn't matter because no on is doing it they way the Leader thinks it should be done even after she tells you her daughter is an inventor type who thinks so far out of the box it hasn't even been assembled and taped up yet and then OH! It's time to sing another song and go but you can't because all the girls are racing around, shrieking and yanking each other's arms off in girlish delirious adoration of each other.

Whew. No wonder I loved taking the long road home.

And then the whole all-life-consuming emblem earning activities. I earned BEADS. Cheesy wooden beads! Girls Scouts earn badges. Christ! when did CF USA start with the emblems! And for anything. Going to see High School Musical garnered an obscenely huge emblem. (No, we didn't go.)  

One of the supreme ironies has been that their directions SUCK! Two events we have missed because we couldn't find the location. Maybe we should have used compasses because the maps were useless to us.

Here it comes ----

When I was a kid, I don't remember near the chaos. My mom was our leader up until she got sick. I remember huddling around the kitchen table working on whatever we did. We did go into my room to have dance contests. But the tantrums and shrieking and arm yanking are just not there.

After my mom got sick, our group was farmed out to another leader, Mrs. Hildebrand, a *gasp* remarried divorcee. Except for me. I went into Mrs. Fisher's group. Very organized. You got fined for forgetting your little red scarf/tie. And she never cut me any slack for having just lost my mom.

I really did want to be in the divorcee's group. They at least got to go sneak French Fries from the fast food place.

Nope, it's not like it used to be.

Sunday, May 31st, 2009
10:41 am
Up For Air
All righty. The arts portion of the year has drawn to a close. The violin recital, complete with the Cotton-Eyed Joe dance, went well. The dance recitals went well too. I have issues with how they run the dance thing, but short of stepping up and doing it myself, I will live with it. But I do enjoy those moments of passing on hard-earned theater lessons like, "Get out of the way of others who have a quick change" and "If it's not your prop, leave it alone." Another one that finally got through administration's head was "Non-performing parents should corral children. Leave the performing parents alone!"

Now the ball goes to BamBam who has a double header today.

Saturday, April 25th, 2009
12:41 pm
Look, Ma! No Limping!
One would think dancers should be able to walk. Right?

Friday morning I was setting about to sew tap recital costumes. I grabbed my bag with the sewing supplies and proceeded to take the stairs to the basement. I missed the last three steps, landed on my right side. My right knee and toes took the hardest hits. Himself came to the rescue. (I love that he has Fridays off.)

Seeing as how being the base parent at SVEC would be the most sedentary thing to do, I went. Kept my leg elevated and moped around the heavily firewalled internet. And smeared loads of Arnica on my feet.

I was not able to go to tap class. But the girls rallied and sent me the notes for what we did in class. Smooches and kudos to them! I took more arnica and added some valerian (so I still hurt, but don't really care).

Today I am not limping or whining too much. BamBam has a game today, so we gotta be ready with chairs, blankets, snacks and umbrellas.

12:12 pm
Has He Bloomed Yet?
Wednesday, BamBam's art teacher stopped by my home base to say he had discovered girls. "What happened?"

She recounted the conversation thusly:

A friend of BamBam's Digiprep class asked how it went Monday. BB's answer was the typical "OK."

The friend countered, "But it would have been better if my sister were here, huh?"


I asked BB about the encounter with what I thought was non-judgmental, non-teasing tones. His response to it all was, "They are funny together."

I hope he finds someone who makes him laugh.

One day.....

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009
10:16 am
Ketchup time!
Well, well, well. I have finally found something I don't like about SVEC - their firewall! When I am there I can't access yahoogroups, FB or LJ. *sigh* I see how behind I am.

BamBam is doing well with his baseball. He still is a wonder to behold when he connects at the plate.

Sparky is chugging along with his tap and violin. We have worked a short choreography for his violin recital if his teacher is still interested. He took the WASL for the first and hopefully last time this week.

The Girl dances, sings and makes friends at the drop of a hat. She doesn't like doing the Wondergarten packs, so I'll ask that she gets the Fundergarten ones. She is reading, but because we ask her to practice, she is balking at it all.

Chihuahua neighbor is done. She came to the door Easter and Himself took her on. Very simply put, "The relationship has run its course. ... It's done." She continues to apologize for least of the trespasses. Maybe she'll think before she spews on someone else next time.

I realize I like SVEC because it allows ME to sleep in. The last two days for WASL (I hate capitalizing that, gives it too much importance) we had to wake up at 7:30 (even though I asked for a 7 o'clock alarm. Gotta love that snooze button.)

Normally, we are to be at SVEC by noon thirty. THAT's what alt ed is about. Letting the parents get some shut-eye.

Anyway, tap recital costumes are cut out. Choreography is almost done.

Had a great birthday, thank you very much. Excellent hair cut the day before. ("I wanted to use the razor today." "Sure, go for it." "Oh yay!") Two parties thrown. Sure, they were for Moose and Squirrel (have we moved on from those names?) but I got to have fun making Ukrainian Easter Eggs. Happy Birthday sung to my by my favorite Marilyn Monroe girl. And the Easter Bunny came through, not with socks, but with chocolate bunnies.

Life is still good.

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